Authoring Your

Infrastructure Resources believes Subject Matter Experts play a pivotal role in the delivery of great industry content that resonates with, and engages, our audiences.

Are you a subject matter expert within your field? Do you have knowledge or experience that can help others increase their damage prevention expertise? Are you committed to excavation safety? Do you have a message you think can move the needle within the industry?

We can help YOU make a difference:

  • Reach industry professionals with your damage prevention or excavation safety message
  • Obtain critical recognition as a subject matter expert
  • Network with colleagues and other industry professionals
  • Increase exposure for you and your organization
  • Speak from the outreach platform you prefer

In many cases, your message can be shared through multiple outlets. An article submitted on your topic of choice can be published in one of our magazines, be a focus for an author interview and be invited as a topic at one of our events. We work with you to share your message in the best way.

The best way to sound like you know what you’re talking about is to know what you’re talking about.

Harvey Mackay

Ways to share your damage prevention or excavation safety message

Present on a Topic

With live audiences in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and virtual audiences worldwide, IR offers you unparallel access to industry professionals who are interested in hearing what you have to say. Whether in front of a live audience, recorded for on-demand playback at a virtual event, or as part of the Excavation Safety Alliance, Infrastructure Resources lets you go where your audience is.

  • Present on a topic within your area of expertise
  • Lead a team of professionals in a roundtable discussion
  • Serve as a panelist on a roundtable discussion
  • Open the lines of communication between industries by participating in town hall discussions

Author an Article or White Paper for Publication

Convert industry research or industry knowledge into a thought leadership article. From public awareness initiatives, to new technologies, to advances in best practices and everything in between, Infrastructure Resources welcomes articles on all aspects of damage prevention and excavation safety from all points of view.

  • dp-PRO publishes five times a year and offers a spotlight focus each issue dedicated to one industry within the damage prevention community.
  • Excavation Safety Guide provides in-depth education and resources for boots-on-the-ground workers in the annual publication.
  • Excavation Safety Alliance offers exclusive access to dedicated industry professionals who take damage prevention and excavation safety efforts to the next level.

Submit an Article

Sit for an Interview

Whether responding to an Ask the dp-PRO question, sharing information on your association, or serving as a panelist conducting an in-depth exploration of a specific topic, sitting for an interview can be an easy way to share your message with a minimal impact to your time.

  • Select a topic to highlights your skills and experience
  • Speak to pertinent industry trends and initiatives
  • Offer your perspective in important conversations
  • Draw attention to what your organization brings to the industry
  • Share simple tips or tricks to help others achieve more in their roles

Host a Networking Event

Lead a fun, interactive discussion with up to 20 participants on a Zoom-style networking meeting covering a topic of your choice.

  • Global Excavation Safety Conference Virtual networking event
  • Excavation Safety Alliance networking, monthly networking opportunities

Conduct Live or Virtual Paid Training Workshops

Are you an expert with a developed training program you would like to share with the industry? In-depth training workshops are in high demand and Infrastructure Resources can help expand your network and reach the right audience.

Sponsored Outreach

Companies can promote their personal message through Infrastructure Resources via webinars, surveys, product showcase, and other sponsored content opportunities. Ask us how we can help your company gain visibility and invest in its message.

Infrastructure Resources Initiatives

Global Excavation Safety Conference Logo 2

Global Excavation Safety Conference

The premiere international event for the damage prevention industry since 2004, featuring 80+ hours of education, over 100 exhibitors and multiple networking opportunities to engage all industry stakeholders.

Oceania Damage Prevention Conference

The Oceania Damage Prevention Conference (ODPC) draws on the power of collaboration to advance initiatives across the Oceania region along with best practices in damage prevention around the world.


Filled with relevant and thought-provoking articles and features written by industry professionals. With a spotlight focus in each issue, this publication provides a cross-industry appeal that addresses the needs and issues of all stakeholders. Published 5 times a year.

Excavation Safety Guide

An annual publication offering in-depth articles written by industry experts that outline the excavation process from pre-planning to job completion. With a comprehensive resource directory, the ESG is an essential tool for all ground disturbers.

Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance

Transforming the relationship between utility operators and the agricultural community, PASA works closely with the National Association of County Agricultural Agents to keep our buried infrastructure, our environment, and farmers safe.


Excavation Safety Alliance

A monthly membership program providing on-demand education on key aspects of damage prevention and excavation safety delivered in a variety of formats; includes a unique approach to networking with other members.

Damage Prevention Week

International stakeholders gather for this week dedicated to discussing new ideas, promoting ways to prevent damage to our underground and overhead infrastructure and improving safety in the excavation community.

Global Locate Masters Logo.2

Global Locate Masters

Global Locate Masters, scheduled annually during the Global Excavation Safety Conference, tests the skills of the world’s best locate technicians as they compete to be crowned champion among industry peers.

Locator Safety & Appreciation Week

Held the last full week of April, LSAW addresses the need to keep our locators safe on the job and honors the difficult, challenging, and sometimes dangerous work they do protecting our underground infrastructure.

Emerging Damage Prevention Leaders

EDPL’s mission is to attract, educate and connect the damage prevention professional leaders of tomorrow to accelerate their impact towards the industry’s common goals.