About Infrastructure Resources

Founded in 2003 on the core values of innovation, credibility, customer focus and integrity, Infrastructure Resources, LLC was created to fill a real need in the underground utility industry – a trusted source for damage prevention and public awareness expertise and solutions for the utility and excavation industry. Since then, IR continues to expand their robust catalog of products and services including live events, publications and multimedia training tools that provide innovative solutions for our clients.

IR’s commitment to transforming the damage prevention industry through knowledge and tools assists all stakeholders to stay mindful of procedures that significantly reduce the risk of damages and protects our workplaces, our communities and our environment.

Our mission: Saving Lives through Education

Our Core Values

  • We are team players
  • We do the right things
  • We are innovative
  • We focus on customer relationships and placing them first
  • We are appreciative and give back

Our Unique Attributes for Customers

  • Involvement
  • Expertise
  • Innovation

Core Focus

  • Passion – Building Legendary Relationships
  • Our Niche – Infrastructure Protection and Safety Awareness

How We Accomplish Our Goals

  • Learn the Industries
  • Understand the Companies We Serve
  • Identify Needs & Challenges
  • Offer Innovative Solutions
  • Gain Acceptance
  • Customer Care
  • Continuous Improvement


  • Provide effective communication.
  • Foster a culture of safety.
  • Act as a trusted partner in damage prevention & public awareness.